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While in the Hospital Unite

Distribution of Functions Within and Among the Wards

Hospitalization service of Nozoe Hospital is treatment for health insurance adaptation.  It is divided in three units by the functions; the crisis intervention and special treatment unite (emergency unite), the stress care unite (an acute term treatment unite) and the treatment unite.

Crisis intervention and special treatment unite (emergency unite) is short term(2~3 months) treatment unite for not only the patients who need crisis intervention, but also the patients who need the treatment under the specially considered environment.

Stress care unite is short term( 2~3 months) treatment unite for the patients who need stress care , like depressions.

Each unite is made to differentiate into 4 areas, an observation room (2 beds), PICU (psychiatric intensive care unit, 5 - 6 beds), the north zone (about 20 beds), and south zone (12 - 34 beds). It realizes inpatient treatment in a short term and active social rehabilitation by warm thoughtfulness on the environment as well.

◎ Consultation with the doctor in charge ? psychotherapy ? drug therapy

◎ A plan from the nurse in charge for getting to work on arrangements for living and towards eventual discharge.

◎ Activity therapy with an Activity therapist, both in groups and individually

◎ Psychological evaluation and individual psychotherapy with clinical psychologists.

◎ Provision of information on social resources, support and assistance from psychiatric social workers.

◎ Prescription of medicines, guidance and consultation with pharmacists.

◎ Guidance and consultation regarding nutrition from dieticians.