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Making Hospital Life More Therapeutic

Here we explain the basic mechanisms for therapy at Nozoe Hospital. While it is called a ‘hospital’, it is very different from normal hospitals such as those that deal in internal medicine. Inasmuch as being examined by a physician in charge and taking medicine are central to treatment, there is little difference with other hospitals. However, at the same time here at this hospital one experiences participation in a large number of meetings (sessions, discussions) right from the start. The reason why we provide many meetings in this way is that we have the ‘therapeutic community’ as a basic idea. Everyone is here because they have unresolved issues in their minds. This does not however mean that the whole mind is sick. The part of the mind that is troubled needs healing. To this end, you must get rest, sleep, nutrition, take the medicines that are prescribed and refresh yourself in an environment where you can feel at ease. However, at the same time everyone, as members of the community can experience helping others by using the parts of their minds that are healthy. In the community you can take part and perform a function, and take on some responsibilities. In other words, not only taking care of other patients in everyday life, but collaborating in others’ therapy by things such as bringing to their notice in meetings things that they have not noticed themselves and bringing order and clarity to feelings that had been vague and ill-defined. In doing so there is also the satisfaction and feelings of well-being when you discover something that you had hitherto not noticed about yourself. This opening of your own heart and mind, and understanding of other patients, is the core of treatment here at Nozoe Hospital. Consequently, in order to create and maintain an environment wherein one can open one’s heart and speak freely without worry, the content of what is said during meetings should never be talked about outside. Further, do not divulge or cause to leak outside the hospital any information whereby a person’s identity might be known, or that might infringe upon the privacy of other patients.
In other words, protecting each other’s privacy is important. Even with relatives and friends, let us all cooperate in this matter.


To make your stay more therapeutic

The information that is related during meetings and is necessary in therapy is shared amongst staff and dealt with positively. With regards to this information, staff will maintain the highest standards of confidence and non-disclosure.

At this hospital there are in addition other rules and understandings that are in place to enable your therapy and life here to proceed smoothly. In particular please try to become familiar with the understandings that govern the conditions and scope of activities ? the ‘Level of Responsibility’. We believe that these basic rules, from simple etiquette to wide-ranging social norms, have a huge power to change everyone’s actions, feelings and thinking. This is because the observation of social rules and conventions is premised on seeing things from others’ points of view and consideration and respect for other members. It is important that patients at this hospital cooperate together, opening their hearts to one another and can be assured that they are working together to solve problems with sincerity and honesty. That assurance can only come about through everyone’s independent participation. Moreover, through everyone’s participation the community develops and positively affects patients subsequently entering the hospital who inherit it. Thus the experience of patients mutually supporting their peers not only links to self-confidence but also helps in the therapy of patients subsequently entering the hospital with similar symptoms. In this way the community, which has as a goal therapy for our patients, is itself a therapeutic process which develops into a new community as patients open up to one another, and it is this very thing, a locus for therapy that has been come about as a result of this way of thinking, that is the Nozoe Hospital’s ‘Therapeutic Community’. As a means to maintain this therapeutic community, the staff of Nozoe Hospital practice treatment as a team. In other words, the therapeutic team, comprising psychiatrists, nursing staff, clinical psychologists, psychiatric social workers, activity therapists, pharmacists, clinical technicians and administrative dieticians aims for therapy with senior psychiatrist in charge and supports and maintains the therapeutic community. All of the important decisions and conclusions drawn relating to the core problems of patients, in other words various decisions and choices as to the most appropriate treatment for you, are taken by the team as a whole. This is not however arrived at through democratic processes, but by attaching importance to each specialist viewpoint. When with a stabilisation of symptoms, things like good effects on one’s surroundings and everyday work on therapy, the time comes to make decisions regarding going out from the hospital, becoming an outpatient and being discharged, the decision will be highly respected. Our staff hope that everyone comes to understand the workings of the therapeutic community and devotes themselves to their own therapy, and returns to health as soon as possible, and we never stop expecting that as a member of the therapeutic community you in your own way will have a positive effect on your colleagues.