We make good use of all resources in the world for your treatment

From Consultation to Recovery

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Our fundamental beliefs regarding therapy, are indicated by the fact that all resources, staff, patients, families, facilities, even the gardens and the trees, are for therapy, and that Nozoe Hospital, being located atop a small hill, is well-endowed with the natural healing power of flowers and grasses, the green of the trees, and the wide sky above. We are sure that you will appreciate the unobtrusive but thorough care that has been taken with the facilities of the hospital, right down to the furniture, decor and aroma. We seek to provide a hospital that is in tune with both people and the environment.

Nozoe Hospital gives support to patients living rewarding and pleasant lives in society (the community). As the name suggests, we do not stop at standard psychiatry, but provide a wide variety of programs that combine medical treatment and social work.

With outpatient consultations, whether to proceed as outpatient or whether to admit to hospital is decided not only on the seriousness of a patient’s condition and problems, but on what would be the most effective way to treat them.